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The Journey Of Souls W / Kahu David Wallace | E001

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

David Wallace is an author, raconteur, psychic, professional remote viewer, reiki master, and deeply wise human being. He is a descendant of Native Hawaiian Chiefs, Kahuna, and Commoners, many of whom were Seers, Dreamers, and Healers. In his lengthy professional career, David served as a police officer for over 10 years and a high school educator for over 20 years. He holds advanced certifications in psychology, an MS degree in Public Administration from the University of Hawaii, and a Master’s of Metaphysical Science and Divinity from the Metaphysical University.

In this podcast, David shares some amazing stories from his own personal background and experience recognizing, nurturing, and developing his psychic abilities at various stages in his life and his own souls journey to utilize the gifts of psychic functioning to serve the everyday needs of his family, his friends, and his clients.

His book "The Journey Of Our Souls" goes into detail on his life path being a psychic and a servant.

He and his Wife Ellen are also the co-authors of the fictional book series "Anna Blaze" which follows the adventures of a young girl navigating her psychic gifts.

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