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The Journey Of Our Souls

Title: The Journey Of Our Souls: What You Can Learn From One Man's Multiple Near-Death Experiences

Publication Year: 2020


Is death final once your spirit leaves your body? From my personal experience, death is never final. I survived death four times, and each experience I endured made me a better person. I woke up spiritually and mentally, eventually taking my place among my gifted ancestors.

While the near-death experiences (NDE) gave me a glance at the next dimension, what happened in my real life following these episodes changed my life. I could see and talk to Angels, ghosts, spirits, and demons. I could see things locked away in boxes, sealed envelopes, or hidden in backpacks. Secrets people tried to hide from me came to me in my dreams.

The Journey of Our Souls examines all four NDEs and describes what happened following them. I am sharing my experiences, hoping they may inspire you to dig deep inside yourself to find that noble person within you waiting to emerge. God loves you and wants you to be the best you can be.

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