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Plummeting Down The Rabbit Hole: 1 Year Of Remote Viewing (PT1)

Updated: Mar 24, 2023



"Curiosity does, no less than devotion, pilgrims make." - Abraham Cowley


This posts is the first of a few on my experiences with "Remote Viewing" and other related topics that occurred between 2021 - 2022.

It is most certainly content that dwells on an 'edge topic' --meaning it covers a subject that many people are not only not very familiar with, but also importantly that most have not yet integrated into their own worldview.

Edge topics are often ones that generate great discomfort. This is why we often joke when they come up-- the humor helps us to release the feelings of unease. Unfortunately in our culture, we have almost lost an appreciation for both physical and esp. intellectual discomfort. In so called "first world" countries, we have rather callously conflated discomfort with suffering which most certainly it is not. Additionally, it is often now believed that institutions and individuals that do not offer us assurance, insurance, and stability somehow do not have our highest interests in mind. In fact, it is the opposite that is often the most true --those that offer stability often have little interest in our growth or altering the route of human development from its current dangerous course.

If we are honest and reflective, we may begin to see the measures of comfort so many cling to are in truth measures of "sleep" -- an archetypal eternal womb where there is no real growth (save the illusion of it) but rather a deep abiding stasis. It is past time for many of us to remember that to be alive is to be incredibly uncomfortable and often deeply uncertain. This was after all the first lesson of our birth imparted in a wild breath and followed for many by the deep and loving gaze of our mother's eyes. To be uncertain -- and yet to be loved -- to be in the midst of massive change--but to be fully accepted -- these are the foundational lessons we received when we first arrived 'here' and remain ones we must remember to support each other moving forward.

Like all of us, I make my own choices and set my own intentions; I do not wish any of us suffering, but I do hope for us great discomfort in the years to come.


For my entire life I've always had a restless curiosity. It is a curiosity that loves to mentally 'fidget', to wake suddenly in the early morning with odd questions , to fix its gaze outside the window at the woods while there are droll but practical lessons to be focused on in the classroom of life.

I've tried to tame it -- to force it to give me at least a few moments of peace. However after years of negotiating with it and attempting to wrestle it into submission, I've learned that it is best to yield and let it do as it may.

It was during a wave of personal curiosity in 2021, that I found myself again exploring edge topics of human knowledge including particularly a rather odd subject called "Remote Viewing".

For those who are not familiar with the term, 'Remote Viewing' refers to a method of structured clairvoyance where an individual gains access to information about a remote or hidden target without the use of their normal senses. It is important to note that the information obtained is fully "non-local" -- meaning separated from the viewer by both space and/or time.

The development of remote viewing methodologies harkens back to the early 1970s. At that time , reports began to emerge in the US intelligence communities suggesting that the USSR was applying significant attention to psychic research; This quickly raised the question of what the Soviets were up to and perhaps more importantly, what if they were actually onto something valuable?

O.G. SRI PSI Gangstas

To explore this possibility, the CIA engaged the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to determine if they could uncover if there were actually psychic techniques that could be developed, formalized, and trained to individuals in order to further US national interests . The surprising claims that emerged from SRI were that psychic methods could in fact be employed with sufficient reliability to establish a valuable alternate intelligence collection methods often to augment significantly more conventional methods like HUMINT (Human Intelligence) SIGNIT (Signals Intelligence) and the like.

This purported discovery led to long-standing (20+ year) intelligence collection efforts within the US Army, DIA, and CIA to employ varied developed techniques to collect information on foreign targets that fell under a variety of classified project names like "SunStreak", "Stargate" and others.

It is probably important to pause and note that at this time reading about remote viewing, I was also undergoing a challenging Masters Degree in Cyber-Security from one of the top 50 schools in the world. The subject matter of those classes and efforts was perhaps about as far away from remote viewing as one could imagine. I wasn't sitting around in sweat lodges, dropping mushrooms with gurus, or listening to angel frequency melodies. I was writing exploit code to break into computer systems, studying the underlying mathematics of encryption algorithms, building complex conflict simulations via agent decision modeling, and formulating international policy structures for topics like AI security.

When I first encountered the concept of remote viewing, I was struck by how utterly ridiculous it really sounded. If you look at the practice rather objectively, it basically distills down into just simply calming your mind and focusing your intention in a way where purportedly information about something that you shouldn't seem to know comes up from "somewhere". It honestly frankly just sounded really stupid. Remote Viewing, like most things considered "Psychic", elicited a great deal of preconceptions for me based on my own cultural inheritance. The term psychic itself was impregnated with the ideas of charlatans sitting in dark rooms scaring and extorting the gullible and the deluded ( and of course these abuses are in fact still quite real and unfortunately not yet uncommon as many psychic claimants remain untested).

Additionally, if you look up Remote Viewing on the web, you will inevitably find many articles describing it as a preposterous pseudo science and an artifact of poor scientific testing methods despite the fact that it has actually been rigorously statically validated.

With the interesting plethora of highly visible and readily available "evidence" to show that Remote Viewing was considered pseudo-scientific nonsense, it is amazing that I decided to follow it any further.


However, after reading several online articles about remote viewing , I decided on a lark to see if anything related to it was available on my mobile device's application store. As fortune would have it , it turns out that there was. I found a rather basic looking application called "Remote Viewing Tournament". Without going into great detail about the design of the mobile application, it basically offers an easy opportunity to remote view.

To use the application is often to perform a very basic form of remote viewing which is to:

  • stare blankly at a "target reference number" which acts as a mental bookmark if you will for actual target itself,

  • asking yourself a few questions mentally about the target/goal (e.g. what does it look like, smell like, taste like etc)

  • and then watching and taking note of what thoughts, concepts, or images arise in your mind.

After doing this, you then click a button to reveal an underlying hidden image that you are trying to derive some information about.

After loading the app, I stared at the numbers for about 5 seconds and I got a flash of a single wavy line, three elongated lines facing the wavy line, and a sudden taste of salt on my tongue.

I clicked the button to show the concealed image and saw an image resembling the one below.

Image of Three Seals By The Ocean With A Sketch Of A Line, Three Lines, and Words "Taste Of Salt"
My First Ever RV Session - "Wavy Line, 3 Straight Lines, "Taste of Salt"

I was just slightly struck at the random chance I had just witnessed with my impressions of the target having some correlation to the image. Honestly, if what I had perceived had no connectivity to the resulting image, I likely would have never tried remote viewing again.

I was intrigued though as the likelihood of the taste of salt, the wavy lines like the ocean, and the three lines like the seals seemed actually rather unlikely taken all together vs just maybe one single element that might have corresponded to the image.

So I made what turned out to be a pivotal decision -- I did it again. I noticed again in the short attempt that the flash of impressions that I received from target the number was uncannily correlated to the image itself. My reaction succinctly at that point was: "What the HOLY FUCK is Going On"?

These two short experiences led to what I can probably best described as almost an obsession to try to disprove what I was witnessing . If you try something once and get unlikely results it is one thing, but I was repeating the "personal experiment" again and again and seeing consistent correlations between what I was 'seeing/perceiving' when I would receive mental impressions and vague images and the targets themselves. I was in a word hooked and also to be completely honest deeply disturbed.

The implications of receiving these often consistent correlations prior to actually seeing the resultant target was not only deeply counter-intuitive, but if taken to a logical conclusion seemed to imply a far more complex aspect to time itself.

My continued attempts to disprove remote viewing, culminated ironically in a sudden epiphany moment which shut the door to any doubt that I had that precognitive function was in fact real.

I was up late into the night after work and school staring at a target reference number, and I received a sudden "flash" where a fuzzy impression appeared in my "minds-eye" very quickly. I saw a chair, a desk, some indistinct but tall structures in the background through a window, and got a general feeling of being in an air conditioning environment.

I hit the reveal target feedback button and saw an image of an urban office just as I had perceived for that brief second in that sudden flash. I was so absolutely stunned that I took the screenshot below to mark my astonishment.

This experience was nothing short of a deep personal revelation that had convinced me without a doubt that precognition was entirely real.

You can read a million papers attempting to prove or disprove psychic phenomenon but there can never be any substitute for direct personal experience.

I was reeling -- one of the most fundamental ideas that we have as human beings is our conception of the arrow of time. It is the very backbone on which we affix the stories of ourselves that become a general narrative of who we believe we are. The narrative trees are adorned with our chronological 'ornaments' -- at age 10 and lived here and later at age 20 I went to this University and these things happened etc.

However the fact that remote viewing and precognition works seemed to suggest that that deeply rooted conception of linear time was in fact at least not completely accurate or perhaps even completely wrong. At minimum, it appeared that information did in fact seem to be traveling somehow 'backwards' through time or perhaps alternatively that somehow all events that ever transpired were in fact recorded in some indelible informational manner.

As many do when they encounter a deep mystery like this, I also began to have a deeply troubling question arise in my mind . If the fundament of time itself was perhaps not as it appeared to be, then what else might we as human beings consider true that may in fact also be partially true or not true at all? (more on that in later posts)

While I was wrestling with the metaphysical dimensions of realizing that psychic functioning was real, I was also continuing to practice and explore remote viewing. I began to notice that as I continued there was a notable emerging learning curve. My impressions of targets were becoming more detailed and richer.

To the extent where just around 30 days after my initial experiments, I posted the video below to (rather foolishly and laughably) "demonstrate" that what I was experiencing was in fact real. Of course, watching someone do this does nothing toward the goal of "proving" and "demonstrating". You can always say I was making it up and for some strange reason want to extend some grand illusion that psychic functioning is real -- your own personal experience is of course the only way to truly find out.

So...DO YOU want to find out? Do you choose discomfort? If you want to experience remote viewing for yourself, the page listed below is a great place to start:

Also, the r/remoteviewing Discord channel has a great and supportive community of individuals exploring remote viewing and its many uses and implications:


  • Precognition Is Real

  • You Have to However Experience It Directly To Fully Understand That It Is Real

  • We All Can Do It And Just Like Sports Some Have A Gift For It

  • Precognition Can Be Trained And Improved

  • Our Human Conceptions Of Time And Space Are At Best Largely Incomplete (If Not Completely Wrong)


  • Finding Weird Communities Of Fellow Travelers

  • Learning About RV Is Being Used Operationally By Individuals Aware Of Its Existence

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Chiara Burns
Chiara Burns
Sep 11, 2022

Well-written! I love that you document your journey from skeptic, to trying to disprove, to "oh holy sh*t this is real."

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